Where do you get your items?

All of the items are consigned: we do not do any buying. This is to ensure that our customers receive the best value. Our inventory comes to us from the area's finer homes, designer showrooms and model homes. New residents to Florida have brought furniture to us they've purchased all over the world!

When are your sales?

We do not have sales at our store. The resale prices on our merchandise are such a value, that most items sell within just a few weeks of arriving here..

How often do you get merchandise in?

We have merchandise delivered weekly. Also, consignors bring in items themselves, daily, except Fridays and Saturdays.

​​Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have collected some of the most commonly asked questions and provided their answers. If your question isn't here, we'd love you to come in and let us answer your question in person.


Perfectly Imperfect Consignments

Do you ever reduce the price?

Within the 90-day consignment contract, after 60 days we reduce 25%. Sometimes we will even reduce more at the end of a contract.

When is the best day to shop here?

There is no "best" day because we get items in daily. The weekends bring in more shoppers, so you may want to shop during the week if you don't like crowds..